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Green Smoothie Girl’s Dream!

As much as I love making Green Smoothies, I get many messages regarding how I find the time to make two to three every single day.  And although I am good at making my morning smoothie, to get the other two smoothies made during the day can be somewhat of a challenge.  So I decided to keep my eyes open, because sometimes there just isn’t enough time.

I was shopping with my son at a local craft store looking for some fun crafts for us to do.  And that is when I found the answer to my multiple smoothie a day dilemma.  MASON JARS.


To top off the good find, they were on sale from $1.99 a piece to $1.19.  There were lots of different sizes, but I went with the biggest sizes.  (3 cup size)  I bought 6 jars, but I am going back for more soon!

It’s simple.  Get your ingredients.


Put into blender.


Blend.  Pour.


Seal and keep in refrigerator.

use this one

Good for about 3-4 days.  I recommend while you have all the utensils, fruit and mess all over the counter to make several different flavors.  I have been drinking three smoothies EVERY SINGLE DAY with this new method, because it is so much more convenient.  Such a GREAT way to stay healthy and keep a fantastic amount of greens flushing through your body.  Great snack, and great way to stop from snacking on unhealthy foods.  Go out and invest in your health today!

2 Comments on Green Smoothie Girl’s Dream!

  1. what is the recipe for the second drink you have in the last picture? the non green one lol ?

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    • Hey Jamie!

      Funny, I had a couple of other peeps ask me that through facebook. I guess I should add this recipe to that blog. Ha.
      It is my ‘Most Fabulous Healthy Banana Milkshake’- SOOOOOOO delicious! Give it a whirl, let me know what you think!

      Stay Fabulous!


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