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Today I Cried.

Sometimes I want to shake people, possibly slap people or just get all up in someones face and scream at them…is that bad?  I suppose that would pose some sort of problem.  Pfft…SUPER LAME.

Today I am in tears.  Real tears.  I could lie and just say I stubbed my toe, I could run to the bathroom, blot my face, fan my eyes and force the tears to stop falling, pretending nothing is wrong.  Who wants to cause a huge emotional scene for something that seems to be unpreventable?  Not I.  But honestly, who gives a crap anymore?  Anyone?  When is the pandemonium going to end?  And worse yet, will it ever end?  My friends, it has happened again.


Another person close to home (a friend) has been diagnosed with cancer.  I can’t explain in words how helpless I feel sometimes.  Like a lost child in a department store crying out to his mother.  Wanting so desperately to be heard…to be found…but feeling as if they don’t have a voice…invisible…silent…a ghost.

I feel like I talk health/food/fitness/ constantly but it’s just a foreign language, the majority are NOT listening.   I feel as if I have all this drive, all this ‘want’ to help and teach, yet I can never seem to do enough.  I see individuals close to me…within my reach…that are constantly sick, bodies covered in hives, obese, bogged down with diabetes/weight gain/tiredness/weakness.  It leaves me physically ill, sick even, to my stomach knowing how easy it is to reverse all that…how simple it is to get on track and to get off the high blood pressure medications/anti-depressants/yoyo diets/ect, yet it is so hard to get people to hear me.

Food plays such a HUGE role in the life we lead, yet many people DO NOT take the time to realize just how true that is.

We live in a world where – if it’s on the shelf, or served at a restaurant- it can’t harm you…


Are we actually so blind that we believe the government/ FDA really does care about every single one of us?  Do we really believe that no matter what sort of profit they could make by substituting real sugar/maple/honey sweetners with things like ‘high fructose corn syrup or Splenda’, that these corporations would never jepordize your health or your childrens health in order to line their pockets with more money?  Don’t be fooled my friends.  It’s all about the money.  There are countless examples and statistics that prove that using sugar substitutes, eating too many preservatives/additives and food filled with hydrogenated oils are horrible for you (along with so many other products on our grocery store shelves)…they cause all sorts of aliments. Just type any of those into google and you will read an endless amount of articles about the horrific side effects of having this stuff in our daily diets…yet here we are.  Blind.  Unaware.  Naive.  But why?

Read about Corn Syrup:  http://drhyman.com/blog/2011/05/13/5-reasons-high-fructose-corn-syrup-will-kill-you/#close

Read about Food Additives and Preservatives:  http://www.herdaily.com/health/892/the-effects-of-food-additives-and-preservatives.html

Read about Hydrogenated Oils:  http://www.naturalnews.com/024694_oil_food_oils.html

I think sometimes people assume that I preach health and fitness to ‘look’ a certain way…to be ‘thin’ as most people would say.  But this is completely false.  Do I feel better when I am thin and fit?  Yes.  Do I feel more confident, beautiful, strong when I am thin and fit? Yes.  But this isn’t about that.  Eating healthy and staying fit has nothing to do with your size…it has everything to do with the INSIDE of your body…how it is working…how you are feeling.  It’s about energy, happiness, feeling accomplished, feeling alert, joyful, light.  When you eat foods that are healthy and vibrant these things come naturally.  When you eat fat, heavy, greasy foods you become tired, sad, depressed, heavy, foggy, slacking in all things life, and along with all those depressing things comes diabetes, obesity, along with countless of other health/rashes/sickness that obviously follow.

You can protest, roll your eyes, talk shit, call me extreme, call me crazy…but it DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACTS. It’s the food my friends.  The foods that are said to be safe are killing us.  There is nothing more to say.  All I can do it repeat myself over and over….Eat more fruits and vegetables…get more COLORS into your diet.  Stay away from the white dead breads, pastas, pastries…they are killing you and your family.  Put a stop to it RIGHT NOW, TODAY.

I made these videos about a year ago.  I thought it might be appropriate to show them again.

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3 Comments on Today I Cried.

  1. You are so right about the junk we assume is food, just because someone told us we could eat it.
    I’ve lost several friends to cancer. One woman ALWAYS had a huge cola in a plastic container, everywhere she went, even in church, NEVER a break. I asked her if her doctor knew she was drinking so much pop, and what he said about it. and she told me, “My doctor never said a thing about what I eat or drink.”
    I was floored. I told her this drink was probably the worst thing she could put in her mouth, all the sugar feeding the cancer cells and all the chemicals weakening the normal cells. She did not believe me, though. Brainwashed. And now gone.
    Don’t stop standing up. 🙂


    • Wow, what an intense story. Those are the stories that I take in and use to continue to push forward. I sometimes feel like people don’t listen. But when something like this unfolds, you can’t help but continue to push forward and find those that will listen. Thank you for sharing Katharinetrauger Xo- Sabrina Victoria


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