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How I Do My Do! DevaCurl For My Ladies with Luscious Locks!

‘Oh my god, I love your hair!  What product do you use?’

Well my ladies (and a few of you gents) I finally took an afternoon and condensed my hair ‘routine’ for you to see the DevaCurl product that I so often RAVE about on a daily basis.


Yesterday’s conversation:

Don- What has been going on with your hair lately? Are you just not showering anymore?

Me- I know I ran out of hair product. *shyly tries to twist my already ponytail into a bun.

Don- Where do you buy the hair product? Chicago? How do you run out?

Me- No…it’s DevaCurl from Ulta. Been too busy, I haven’t had time to go.

(*15 min later)

Don- You ready to go?

Me- What? Where are we going?

Don- Ulta!!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Deva Curl Sabrina Victoria




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