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My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Along with trying to find purity in everything I do, I am constantly fighting for ways to get the most out of my everyday life.  I struggle at times, because there is quite a bit of change that goes along with that.

Every single year when swim suit season comes around I always stress about the dreaded two piece bikini.  I know. I know.  I know what you are going to say.  But I am just as self conscious about my body as the next girl. No matter how thin, or how healthy I eat, I still know where all my butt dimples are…and I am well aware of that little tummy bulge that no one else can see but me.

But this year I have come to terms with something.  I have been living off and on in Florida for 3 years now, and with Florida comes beaches, and with beaches comes swim suits.  Every year I sit on the sand and tan while my son and his friends have fun in the water.

Enter: My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Although they show in the movies lots of girls with little bikinis running, and laughing, and playing in the salty water I am going to share a little secret with any men that happen to be reading this.  WE ARE CONSTANTLY AWARE OF THE FACT THAT OUR CLOTHES COULD POSSIBLY FALL OFF AT ANY MOMENT.  I hate the adjusting and the pulling and the pushing and the retying that goes along with the little itty bitty bikini.  Last year I opted to wearing just a tank top and short workout shorts a handful of times, over my bikini and had a blast in the water.  So this year I did something I never thought I would do.  This year I did what my mom always wished I would have done in my early teens and into my 20’s.

This year I bought a one piece bathing suit.

GASP!  Right?!

This year, so far, I have had a FREAKIN blast at the beach!  Crazy I know!  I can play, swim, boogie board and run at 100%…without a care in the world about whether my boob has flopped out…or if my bikini bottoms were going to still be on when I popped out of the water after being hit by a huge wave. Why on earth did I not do this before?  I mean isn’t the purpose of being at the beach to play and run around?  I realize when you are young and flirty that the possibility of flashing a boob might be sort of a thrill, but that was really never my thing, and it is certainly not anything I am interested in now.

one piece swimsuit one piece swimsuit

I am unsure if I will ever go back to the two piece bikini.  I really don’t understand the thrill in it, besides the obvious fact that you are able to tan your belly.  But quite frankly who is seeing my mid section now anyway?  I am in my 30’s, I don’t see myself walking around with a tube top very often…or at all for that matter.




I am thrilled with this new-found comfortable swimwear!  Any other ladies out there owning their bodies, breaking the rules and strutting in their onesies this summer?!  Or am I all alone on this adventure?


Sabrina Victoria

10 Comments on My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

  1. I usually wear a tankini, but this year opted for a pair of male swim shorts (yeah, not so self conscious here) and it doesn’t make much difference while swimming! BTW, nice bathing suit! 🙂


  2. I have rarely ever worn a bikini in my life and even when I felt like I would be comfortable in one I discovered that I hate exposing my belly no matter how small. Lately I’ve been getting into monokinis because they can still cover at least the parts of my belly I hate to expose. That one piece looks great, though!


  3. Navaster Twistree // July 28, 2015 at 7:52 am // Reply

    Hi this is a fantastic blog


  4. I think I would wear a one piece, it is just hard to find a cute one! But I do think you can have more fun in one because of exactly as you said, you don’t have to worry about the top or bottom shifting around or falling off! Also, to feel less self conscious about myself in a bathing suit, I just look at all the chubby little toddlers playing in the water, they have absolutely zero care if their belly is sticking out. 🙂 They just care about having fun! 🙂

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    • Erin! I agree, kids don’t care about anything but having fun! Crazy how we kind of lose that quality as we get older! Let’s shoot to have fun this week! Ps. One pieces are so cute! Did you see my last VLOG video? I showcased the newest one piece I bought, I LOVE it. Super flattering around the ‘tummy’ area. >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ui8Ul0WXmM If you aren’t subscribed to my channel, feel free! We have tons o fun! Ps. My next blog post is coming out on Monday, so check back!


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