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Sofi and Liv – All Natural Skin Care Products

I am here with some AMAZING healthy skin care products today!  Sofi & Liv is a skin care product line created by a mom for her family and NOW your family.  She has developed an impressive array of soaps and lotions for both baby and mommy.  As a health conscience woman and mom I am constantly on the search for products that match my lifestyle.  I had heard about Sofi & Liv from reading a review on her Natural Bottom and boo-boo balm.

The products can be easily ordered online, I received my package in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and man was I impressed with the packaging and quality of the product.

Here is how it arrived to me:

Sofi & Liv ProductI am going to say the extra love that was put into the mailing put a big smile on my face.  It is little things like that, that make the difference.

I was so impressed with this product, I had to write a review.  There are two main lines that are featured, I wound up receiving both lines.  I will admit I am in LOVE with the Natural Bottom and boo-boo balm, however this does not mean the other products aren’t worth your time or money.  All the products are GREAT for sensitive skin, and sensitive noses.  All the products have a light floral/natural scent to them.  Just enough smell to make you smile, feel calm and feel clean.

Of course the reason I am sharing this product is because of how natural the it is!  I love that it is free from sulfates and that they do no animal testing.  I can’t stress enough how important it is that we treat the outside of our body with the same amount of respect we give our insides.

This is the shampoo and body wash:


This is the lotion and boo-boo balm


Check out my video review below!


sofi & liv products


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Stay Fabulous My Friends!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

2 Comments on Sofi and Liv – All Natural Skin Care Products

  1. How cute! Love that it’s a mom + daughter team. Thanks for sharing, love.


    • I KNOW! I thought so too! I found a few pictures of her and her family, what a beautiful bunch! I love when I see people reaching for the stars like this, it’s hard not to fall in love with their products! So much heart and soul.


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