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Daily Grind #1

Remember being healthy is not about being thin, it’s about having a healthy heart and clean insides.  Stop worrying so much about what your outside body looks like.  Once you concentrate more on the inside of your body, the outside of you body will automatically follow suit.  Even if I do not have a lot of time, I make sure everyday I get in small workouts to keep my insides working well.  This was today’s workout.  Get it in!  And share your healthy stories below.  I love to talk to every one of you!  Xo!

25 Jumping Jacks

5 Push Ups

25 Regular Sit Ups

25 Jumping Jacks

1 Minute Plank

5 Burpees

5 Push Ups

Make sure to do at least 20 minutes of cardio today.  Take the kids out for a walk, go for a nice jog, or go to the gym for a spin class.

Looking for a bit more?  Checkout the video below!

Stay Fabulous!

Sabrina Victoria


2 Comments on Daily Grind #1

  1. This is great, and a good reminder to keep moving! I started a new job, which luckily, is like a workout – every day I’m working my arms, abs and I’ve been trying to walk more to and from work, which I find helps as well. Great read!


    • Wow, sounds like an awesome job. What is the new job? I have been traveling so much for work lately, it has really put a hault to my eating clean and workout regime…I am trying really hard to keep up where I can. It sure is a challenge.


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