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Daily Grind #3

Every Monday and Wednesday join me here for my morning workout routine.  Sometimes it is slow and steady, sometimes it is amazing cardio.  Either way you will not click away without getting an amazing workout.

I follow many videos online, make my own videos and write-up several routines.  It is always a surprise.

This morning we are doing some amazing cardio.  Here we go!

20 minutes on the clock.


1 minute jump rope

30 second push ups

30 second plank

1 minute jump rope

1 min full sit ups

1 min crunches

1 min full sit ups

1 min obliques right and left alternate

30 second plank

30 second push ups

1 min plank

3 min jump rope

1 min burpee (yes I said it)

3 min jump rope

4 min sit ups and oblique variation

Great job! Be sure to do 5 minutes of stretching afterward!

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Stay Fabulous!

Sabrina Victoria

I'm human just like you...talk to me...

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