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A thought that came across my minds third eye a few years ago.  A thought of purity in all things life.  Not perfection, but a striving for.  I pictured hues of blue and green with white all over, if that makes sense.  Nature filled with browns and tans and oranges…with a slight burst of yellow like the sun.

The thought came to me while driving…I was thinking to myself about how much I love health and fitness, and how I wish I could reach more people’s homes with the information I continue to research and study.  A journey I would take, and write about, everything from food to exercise to positive thoughts and meditation.

I discussed my idea with my dear friend Shelly, while lazily lounging in her room with my head hanging off the side of her bed.  She was folding a few clothes while sitting cross legged on the floor, humming a tune as always. I was speaking of my dream or should I say dreams…because most do have more than one of those. She sat and listened and smiled her bright glowing smile… supporting my every word as we knocked around a few ideas about healthy cookbooks and teaching and inspiring others.  As we spoke I shyly gave the idea for the name of my blog I would create to start my journey…  ‘Aspiring to be Pure.’  That was it…I was in love…it said everything I needed it to say in four words.  And as I hung upside down in silence, I got up after no response from Shelly, only to see her eyes thinking, her mouth twisted a bit to the right…and then to the left…and just when I was thinking ‘Oh…she hates it’…she said…’I LOVE IT!…but it’s a bit long.’  Not wanting to entirely hurt my feelings she blurted out…’How about something a bit shorter…“PURE ASPIRATIONS”   We both smiled instantly, because it was perfect.

And that my fabulous friends was when the name was created.  One weekend…while hanging upside down off the side of a bed with Andrew Bird being hummed in the background.  Thank you Shelly.  To me you are everything good, heart, emotion, and love. Thank you for supporting me always …for always listening…and believing.  

A few years later with the help and support of my dearest friend Mathea…here I am…writing for you…so you can share with your community all things good and pure.

pureaspirations will be amazing…that I know, because it’s all me…I am calling all these shots.

I plan to inspire…I plan to motivate…I plan to teach…and I plan to discover everything health.

I promise to share.  I promise to be honest.  I promise to be here, for you.

Everyone needs a somebody.  I am somebody.


Shelly and I

2 Comments on About My Health Blog

  1. Thank you for the follow – you’ve got some interesting tidbits on your site – look forward to checking them out! Namaste 🙂


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