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Daily Grind #3

Every Monday and Wednesday join me here for my morning workout routine.  Sometimes it is slow and steady, sometimes it is amazing cardio.  Either way you will not click [...]

Daily Grind #2

Monday Monday! Everyone loves Mondays!  It is a chance to redeem yourself from any bad eating you did over the weekend and forget any bad decisions you may or may not have [...]

Undressing a Stranger

If you are anything like me, you clicked this link because well…it is an intriguing statement…and well…you are slightly (ok maybe more than slightly) [...]

The Ugliest Woman In The World

It always amazes me…the cruelness in the world.  This brought real tears to my eyes, and then brought such happiness.  This my ladies is what life is about.  It is [...]


In less than two weeks the #likeagirl campaign that Always uploaded on youtube has hit over 25 million views.  I was thrilled to see so many women young and old seeing [...]

Daily Grind #1

Remember being healthy is not about being thin, it’s about having a healthy heart and clean insides.  Stop worrying so much about what your outside body looks like. [...]

Pay It Forward

Woke up this afternoon from a much needed nap (yes, I took a nap, be proud). I was facing the back side of the couch and felt a sudden cold breeze on my back, and then a [...]

My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Along with trying to find purity in everything I do, I am constantly fighting for ways to get the most out of my everyday life.  I struggle at times, because there is quite [...]

The 93 Year Old Grandma

Don and his 93 year old grandmother having a conversation this morning. Don- Grandma, don’t say stuff like that, you will get me in trouble with the mexican (yes my [...]

He Needed a Green Smoothie

It always strikes me as odd how much so called bragging we all do about our children. I mean when I was growing up, I never had my name plastered all over the web regarding a [...]

A 10 Year Old, A Phone and A Mother

I am still not sure how I feel about my 10 year old son having a phone. Before you get your panties in a bunch, he does not have access to the internet, so there is no worry [...]

I AM a fitness bully…Really I am.

It was a bit tough to swallow the few comments I recieved regarding a post I put up on Facebook recently.  But I have come to realize that even myself, whom I consider to be [...]

Vegan Ice Cream

Well, I have fallen in love!  This happens every so often when experimenting with healthy foods.  Most like to think that eating ‘healthy’ means living a life [...]

Be Fit in 2014

It is 2014. I will keep saying it over and over, only because I can’t believe it.  When they say time flies, they aren’t kidding.  This my friend is your year [...]