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Why Should I Eat More Greens?

Step Number 3 out of the 5 Steps to a Healthier Life. Now don’t get all weirded out like most people do when they hear something they don’t quite like.  You know [...]

Eat Slower- Get Healthy- Lose Weight

Hello My Friends!  I promised 5 steps to a healthier life, here is number 2 ! Eat slower! Stop imaging yourself racing the booth next to you when your dinner plate is set in [...]

What is Portion Distortion?

There are a few simple steps to take to get you and your family on a road to a healthier lifestyle.  Step One: Portion Control. What is Portion Distortion? – [...]

Beautiful Skin Secrets

Every woman out there is always looking for the next best thing in skin care products.  How to stay looking young and ravishing.  Well, stop visiting your local beauty [...]

Must Haves – Healthy Magazines

Hello Fabulous Ladies!!  Every woman wants good reading material regarding health and fitness.  But there are so many different magazines there! Which are the best?  Take [...]

Healthy Salmon with Pesto

I am always striving for healthy foods that even my 9 year old son enjoys!  Here, I have one.  Salmon with a pesto dressing accompanied by asparagus (yes you read that [...]

Foods That Energize The Body

The number one question I receive, after how does one go about losing weight is… how do I get MORE energy naturally.  As time passes, more and more people are [...]

Quick Tip- Water AND Weight Loss

We all know we should be drinking more water!  But when exactly is the best time to drink water? Taking 5 minutes to listen could help you lose weight!  Learn to use your [...]

The first step to Purity.

Friends! I had an interesting conversation with someone today regarding the name of my blog, and why I chose it.  Keep in mind I put years of thought into this, the ability [...]

Am I Pretty?

There comes a point in everyone’s life when bullying and criticism enters.  For some it is a short stint…for others it is years of abusive language and behavior. [...]

Dreamsicle Smoothie- The Remix

One of the many things I notice about myself is the fact that I hesitate to make decisions.  Smirk if you are in that same boat. (I thought so) I don’t do it on [...]

Start Health Blog. Check.

I am here. I consider myself a GO GETTER.  I consider myself someone that DOESN’T procrastinate.  Yet, this blog has been in the works for two years now.  But enough [...]