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How to Retrain Your Thoughts

Setting goals during your chaotic life, can be challenging. Between catching up on chores, date nights with friends or family, plucking the hair off your entire body, reading [...]

The Calm Before the Storm

Although my sales force may disagree with me because I come into my office like a ball of fire ready to energize the air, I consider myself a calm person, I find a balance [...]

Fighting Laziness

We have all been on the band wagon, slid off the wagon, stood in the wagon, yelled at the wagon, scolded the wagon, kicked the wagon, and just plain jumped the hell off the [...]

An Educated Child Cannot Be Fooled

We all want to raise smart, witty children who are well-balanced.  Social but not obnoxious.  Active but not driving you up the walls hyper.  Kind hearted but not easily [...]

You Against 207 Billion Dollars

I can’t tell you how many half written blog posts I have sitting behind this blog, just waiting patiently their turn.  This blog entry, for instance has been sitting [...]

Dirty Thoughts

Closing up 2015 with random ramblings and thoughts. This has been a year of dirty thoughts. Cruel and disgusting thoughts. It has been a year of tears and agony. It has been [...]

Egotistical Piece of Shit

I would often find myself lost in day thoughts…tears streaming down my face just picturing the horror, imaging the empty lost feeling of losing my child. I had to [...]

Sexy Side Boob

Look at that awesome bra-less side boob!!  Before you get your panties in a bunch and think to yourself, how the hell did she drop so much weight in just the past week?! [...]

Time Will Pass Either Way

There is always a thought in the back of my mind that everything needs to be perfect in order for results to occur.  I am grateful that I had fleeting moments during this [...]

He Hates My Yoga Pants

I LOVE MY YOGA PANTS!!!!! How much do I love my yoga pants?  Well, if I were a multi platinum gold award-winning number one amazing hit all-star singer, I would use my [...]

My Real Imperfect Bio

I feel as if – at this point in my life, social media has distorted what my life really is, what is real. I feel like I should just write a list.  Like a 1, 2, [...]

A Woman. An Artist. An Inspiration.

This will pull at your heart and your mind.  At the time of this post over 36 million people have viewed this video, I could not pass it up.  Being a gal who promotes and [...]

Daily Grind #6

What a crazy summer it has been so far! I have been on the road nonstop since summer started, I miss my home. This morning I struggled to get up.  We just arrived in [...]


This morning I challenge you. I could barely finish this workout, but I pushed myself as hard as I could.  Watch your form and push through.  Remember fitness is not about [...]

Daily Grind #4

It’s that time again!  Welcome back.  Let’s get in our daily sweat this am!  Remember it is so important to workout for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a [...]