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Empowering Women

For all my ladies out there.  All my gorgeous, brilliant, talented ladies who have a strong opinion on life…This one is for you.  YOUTUBE WILL NOT KNOW WHAT HIT IT.


It will be everything YOU.

Raw. Real. Vulnerable.   

All three words strip us like an onion. Women are complex creatures. Beautiful, seductive, intellegent, powerful beings. We think with our hearts, so we may be viewed as weak, but that is far from the case. Traveling all over the US I have heard so many stories from women that have come so far, have endured so much, THINKING they were helpless. These beautiful warm hearted creatures are powerful, these women that care for our children, that love so deeply, have a drive within them. I find it facinating when I hear their stories. And I could not bare to see another story go untold. So – Raw. Real. Vulverable – was created . It is a platform for women, a place where they can go and brag about their accomplishments. Bask in all their glory, a place where they can encourage other women going through similar situations. A community where we can come with open arms and love and upbuild and create a gorgeous future for our children.

Pureaspiration is looking for amazing women of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, accomplishements, heartbreaks, ect… we are looking for women who want to inspire others.  We all have a voice.  We all desire to share our story, this is a place where you can speak and be heard with open ears.  We are not doing this for us, we are doing this for the women behind us that don’t see away out, that feel like they are the only ones.  For the lonely girls, the hopeless girls.  We need to bring a light to their lives.  It is our duty to show them a light at the end of any tunnel they might be in.  Life is about sharing, upbuilding, loving and creating an atmosphere of warmth.

Let’s ‘Empower Women One Story At A Time’

Click below to see the recent platform.  Still under construction.  Waiting for your stories to fill the space!

Raw. Real. Vulnerable.

For those of you unfamiliar with the health/fitness side of pureaspiration.net feel free to visit here.

Living Fabulously Without All The Diets

XO- Sabrina Victoria

Email with any thoughts at rawrealvulnerable@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.

I'm human just like you...talk to me...

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