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Spring Health Expo

Finally the new season is approaching.  Health is on the minds of many people wanting to get a fresh new start on their health and fitness goals. Instead of turning on the computer or opening up a boring book…strap in the kids and husband and drive down to Naperville this coming weekend.  This is a great chance for actual one on one interaction with people who have your best interest at heart!  We love this stuff, and we want to share our knowledge with everyone.  Come with open minds, smiles, and a willingness to learn something new, after all that is what life is all about!

Saturday, May 3rd I will be attending this awesome SPRING HEALTH EXPO along with so many other knowledgable individuals.  I am not going to lie, being surrounded by everything regarding health and fitness, might as well be a party for me, I might just bring a party hat!  But all joking aside, there will be several key speakers that you are NOT going to want to miss. This will be a great place to network, and a great place to find like-minded individuals to help you on your endeavour.

I always preach that if you see someone who has what you want, do what they do and you will get what they have.  For those of you that want to start making some HUGE changes in your life, and need to meet people who can assist and walk you through some suggestions, or if you are a life long testament to everything health, we want to see you there!

Be sure to come by and tap me on the shoulder when you spot me, I will be tweeting pictures of my new subscribers all day long!  Plus, free giveaways and free hugs for everyone!



IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY SEEN IT…CHECK OUT THE HALF STACK MAG ARTICLE WRITTEN ABOUT ME AND MY LIVING FABULOUSLY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  So insightful, and so much fun!  Scroll to the bottom to hear the awesome podcast we did together.  Be sure to Subscribe to their blog…it is CRAZY AWESOME. CLICK HERE!

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