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Run Forest Run!

So I have found myself, once again, hanging out in the cold for a few days (combination of Chicago and Pittsburgh).  I will admitt that enduring a cold winter day, is NOT in [...]

GASP! You Ate a What?

Don and I had been invited over for a bar-b-que.  As always my phone was personally called the day before just to insure that I was ok with eating ‘meat’, most [...]

How Do I Sweeten My Green Smoothie?

So I have been smoothie making for over 6 years now, and only recently (last three years) started adding tons more greens. And with all these wonderful hues of green I have a [...]

Ladies…Get your Ass to the Grass!

Many of you might have seen the 30 Day Squat Challenge that was being pinned, posted, and retweeted all over the place last month.  Although it was a fantastic challenge, I [...]

Jack Lalanne? Who is that?

Hello My Fabulous Friends!! Many of you probably have a Jack Lalanne Juicer sitting on your counter, or possibly hidden in your bottom left cabinet… whether you use it [...]

Green Smoothie Girl’s Dream!

As much as I love making Green Smoothies, I get many messages regarding how I find the time to make two to three every single day.  And although I am good at making my [...]

Get Rid of All THOSE NASTY Foods!

Everyone knows there are foods that they should not be eating!  But sometimes it is a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what snacks YOU can eat.  Unlike the [...]

Exercise Damn It!

I don’t care your age or your circumstances leave the excuses on the shelf.  This is your year, get off your butt and get to it.  Start small by walking or jogging [...]

Why Should I Eat More Greens?

Step Number 3 out of the 5 Steps to a Healthier Life. Now don’t get all weirded out like most people do when they hear something they don’t quite like.  You know [...]

Eat Slower- Get Healthy- Lose Weight

Hello My Friends!  I promised 5 steps to a healthier life, here is number 2 ! Eat slower! Stop imaging yourself racing the booth next to you when your dinner plate is set in [...]

What is Portion Distortion?

There are a few simple steps to take to get you and your family on a road to a healthier lifestyle.  Step One: Portion Control. What is Portion Distortion? – [...]

The first step to Purity.

Friends! I had an interesting conversation with someone today regarding the name of my blog, and why I chose it.  Keep in mind I put years of thought into this, the ability [...]

Dreamsicle Smoothie- The Remix

One of the many things I notice about myself is the fact that I hesitate to make decisions.  Smirk if you are in that same boat. (I thought so) I don’t do it on [...]