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My Real Imperfect Bio

I feel as if – at this point in my life, social media has distorted what my life really is, what is real. I feel like I should just write a list.  Like a 1, 2, [...]

To All Moms- A Litte Humor

My Fabulous MOMS! I love this video so much I just had to post in on my blog and keep it forever.  And I wanted to make sure every mom possible is getting the opportunity to [...]

A Single Love

My head jolted and my eyes flew open, I had fallen asleep at work again.  Not a head bob sort of doze, but warm drool running down the side of my face kind of doze.  It was [...]

Your Child’s Role Model

Hello My Fabulous Friends! I am lounging in bed at the moment drinking a Nestle water and listening to some Eric Brown meditation vibes on youtube.  Feeling good.  Calm. [...]

Today I Cried.

Sometimes I want to shake people, possibly slap people or just get all up in someones face and scream at them…is that bad?  I suppose that would pose some sort of [...]

Giving Back in 2013

SPECIAL OLYMPICS 2013 For those of you that have participated in the Special Olympics the Olympian Oath always starts the day: “Let me win. But if I cannot win, Let me [...]