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Undressing a Stranger

If you are anything like me, you clicked this link because well…it is an intriguing statement…and well…you are slightly (ok maybe more than slightly) [...]

Pay It Forward

Woke up this afternoon from a much needed nap (yes, I took a nap, be proud). I was facing the back side of the couch and felt a sudden cold breeze on my back, and then a [...]

My Yellow Poka Dot Bikini

Along with trying to find purity in everything I do, I am constantly fighting for ways to get the most out of my everyday life.  I struggle at times, because there is quite [...]

The 93 Year Old Grandma

Don and his 93 year old grandmother having a conversation this morning. Don- Grandma, don’t say stuff like that, you will get me in trouble with the mexican (yes my [...]