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Daily Grind #6

What a crazy summer it has been so far! I have been on the road nonstop since summer started, I miss my home. This morning I struggled to get up.  We just arrived in [...]

Daily Grind #3

Every Monday and Wednesday join me here for my morning workout routine.  Sometimes it is slow and steady, sometimes it is amazing cardio.  Either way you will not click [...]

Daily Grind #2

Monday Monday! Everyone loves Mondays!  It is a chance to redeem yourself from any bad eating you did over the weekend and forget any bad decisions you may or may not have [...]

Daily Grind #1

Remember being healthy is not about being thin, it’s about having a healthy heart and clean insides.  Stop worrying so much about what your outside body looks like. [...]

I AM a fitness bully…Really I am.

It was a bit tough to swallow the few comments I recieved regarding a post I put up on Facebook recently.  But I have come to realize that even myself, whom I consider to be [...]

Run Forest Run!

So I have found myself, once again, hanging out in the cold for a few days (combination of Chicago and Pittsburgh).  I will admitt that enduring a cold winter day, is NOT in [...]

Jack Lalanne? Who is that?

Hello My Fabulous Friends!! Many of you probably have a Jack Lalanne Juicer sitting on your counter, or possibly hidden in your bottom left cabinet… whether you use it [...]

Exercise Damn It!

I don’t care your age or your circumstances leave the excuses on the shelf.  This is your year, get off your butt and get to it.  Start small by walking or jogging [...]