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Turning 30. Starting a Blog.

(originally written and posted April 19, 2013)

Raw. Real. Vulnerable.

I am 30. You may say, ‘So What.’- But you see, this was a HUGE deal because last year when I turned 30, I thought I was turning 29.

Yes. That happened. Imagine that face…a face of pure disbelief.

Not to say 30 is bad, because I wouldn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. But 30 IS– in fact bad.

You see, by 30 I was suppose to have my ‘STUFF’ together…you know ALL that stuff that everyone HAS to get together and they keep thinking they have time, until one day they turn 30, and realize that 30 WAS the deadline for ALL that STUFF. So here I am at 30…yes…30 with a lot of STUFF floating in the air around me nudging me along as I swat at it and make up excuses as to why I have not had the time.

(I would like to add that one of the STUFFs was actually to sit down and make a list of the STUFF) (Holy crap I am so behind)

My excuses all pretty much involve health and fitness. I would rather spend an extra hour at the gym or reading a book on green smoothie recipes then actually start this health blog that I have been wanting and talking about for years. So here I am, typing, crossing something off my soon-to-be list, that I am in the midst of writing. The least you could do is give me a freakin pat on the back instead of just sitting there smirking at the fact that I am a 30 year old who somewhere in between trying my hand at a vegan lifestyle and ordering myself a cheeseburger at BurgerFi lost a year.

YES, I actually lost an entire year! Who does that?! No one I know. Stop smirking!

I strive to be the best at everything, and fall short daily, but that is not to say I give up or feel as if I fall short. I never look at it that way, that would be a negative, and I don’t DO negatives. Never have. Never will. The end.

I am in love with three fantastic boys. My incredibe 9 year old son, my extremely handsome boyfriend (now fiance) who makes me laugh and is a fantastic team mate in life. And we can’t forget our 3 year old english bulldog, Mr. Chubbs, who is known as the best surfing dog in Florida…down here in our part of the world.

I'm human just like you...talk to me...

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